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  A European initiative for sustainable
coastal erosion management

Quick Start

The EUROSION database is being built to support the assessment of coastal erosion status and trends throughout Europe. It is also meant to provide input data for the calculation of indicators and the definition of appropriate coastline management strategies at the European, national and regional levels.

EUROSION data layers

The EUROSION database is structured in various data layers. Each of these layers highlights a specific factor deemed to impact coastal erosion processes or human responses to them. Please click below for more information about these layers:

1. Terrestrial Administrative Boundaries
2. Maritime Boundaries
3. Shoreline
4. Bathymetry
5. Elevation
6. Geomorphology and geology
7. Erosion trends and coastal defence works
8. Hydrography
9. Infrastructure
10. Wave and wind climate
11. Tidal regime
12. Sea level rise
13. Land cover and land cover changes since 1975
14. Areas of high ecological value

Most of the data layers of information are freely accessible and may be downloadable from the European Environment Agency website.