Relative sea level rise (RSLR) is the combination of absolute sea level rise induced by climate change and land subsidence resulting from tectonic movements. In this general overview, data on RSLR are grouped in two categories: positive (red) and negative (green). A finer classification, using more than 2 classes can also be derived from this layer.

Data description

This layer provides information on the relative sea level rise at 237 locations along the European coastline. These locations are situated 50 to 100 km away from the shoreline. Distance from one location to another location is approximately 100 km (see also layer “wind and wave climate”)

Source of data

Relative sea level rise (RSLR) at the 237 locations are extrapolated from the digitization of two maps, namely :

  • the map by [Douglas et all, 2001] which provides an estimate of RSLR for the whole of Europe
  • the map by [Lambeck et. al., 1997] which covers a smaller area in more detail, i.e. the North Sea


No data have been computed for the ultraperipheral regions and for Cyprus.

Quality Source data have been severely checked and corrected with observation of tide gauges.
Copyright and data access conditions As a EUROSION assignment, this layer is publicly available inside and outside the European Commission.