This screenshot features elevation in the areas of Lorient and Saint-Nazaire (France). Elevation has been displayed using five different classes: (i) below 0 meter (marine blue), (ii) between 0 and 5 meters, (iii) between 5 and 10 meters, (iii) between 10 and 20 meters, and (v) above 20 meters (white).

Data description

The Elevation layer makes it possible to identify lowlands which are vulnerable to significant sea level rise and the risk of flooding. Elevation data are provided in two forms:

  • A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) which consists in a grid data of altitudes with a 90 to 100m resolution
  • 5 meter and 10 meter height contour lines, in vector format, derived from the DTM and completed where needed with other sources of data.

Source of data

The Digital Terrain Model, MONA PRO Europe©, is a copyrighted product provided by Geosys Data. To derive contour lines of 5 and 10 meters, the data were locally complemented with other sources, namely national DTM and digitised topographical maps.


Restrictions for Scandinavian countries.

Quality The resolution of grid data is 90 to 100 meters. Its geometrical accuracy in x,y and z does not exceed 5 meters for lowlying areas and 15 meters for mountainous areas.
Copyright and data access conditions MONA PRO Europe© is copyrighted. A multi-posts "agency" license has been acquired for the European Commission, which makes the product available for applications developed within the European Commission. Dissemination outside the European Commission is restricted to raster representations (i.e. images) of the DTM. However, most of contour lines are copyright-free and publicly available.