The present screenshot depicts the erosion trends along the coastline of Nord-Pas- de-Calais in France. Eroding sections of the coastline appear in red, stable sections in yellow and sections in accretion in green. In this screenshot, a satellite image has been used as a background image and the 5 meter contour line has been displayed as well. Congruence of eroding areas with low-lying areas gives an indication of areas at risk of flooding.

Data description

The layer features both erosion trends and the existence of coastal defence works along the coast. Such as the previous layer, this layer is provided at scale 1:100,000, in vector format, and consists in a segmentation of the EUROSION shoreline. 3 codes have been defined to depict erosion trends (stable, erosion, accretion) and 2 codes to depict coastal defence works (presence, absence).

Source of data

The layer mainly results from an update of CORINE Coastal Erosion version 1.0 (CCEr v1.0). CCEr v1.0 was carried out by the European Commission from 1985 to 1990. This version covers European Union countries as of 1990. The update of CCEr version 1.0 and the extension of the database to countries which joined EU after 1990 and to accession countries was part of EUROSION assignments. These new or updated data are mainly derived from ancillary data such as national geological maps, reports, or existing database (such as FutureCoast for England and Wales).


Most of European countries are fully covered. Restrictions concerns Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and ultra-peripheral regions which coastline is only covered 20%.

Quality Source data have been severely checked and corrected. Double control on the quality of the produced database is currently ensured.
Copyright and data access conditions As a EUROSION assignment, this layer is publicly available inside and outside the European Commission.