This screenshot features administrative boundaries of Denmark, Northern Germany and Southern Sweden at the Municipal/Gemeinde level (NUTS 5). In this example, the municipal boundaries have been coupled with demographic data provided by GISCO. The coastline has been displayed in red. In some countries (e.g. Sweden) the administrative boundaries of municipalities go far into the sea.

Data description

This layer depicts European administrative units from the highest level (national boundaries) to the lowest level (municipalities or equivalent), using the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). NUTS is a 5-level classification established by EUROSTAT to provide a single uniform breakdown of territorial units for the production of regional for the European Union. NUTS 5 corresponds to the lowest level.

Source of data

Seamless Administrative Boundaries of Europe (SABE) version 2.1 (1997). Distributed by EuroGeographics. SABE is derived from cartographic data provided by the national mapping agencies.


SABE v2.1 covers all European Union countries, as well as Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland, Slovenia.

Quality SABE is derived from basic data which are of the best available semantic quality and of the application scale the closest to 1: 50.000 for each country. These basic data have been organised into a homogeneous structure and a uniform reference system, line-filtered to a uniform resolution and are edge matched at international boundaries (“seamless” polylines).
Copyright and data access conditions The dataset is copyrighted (EuroGeographics). Licence fees for accessing the complete database is about 15,200 Euros, with the possibility to be purchased country by country. A licence of SABE 97 has already been granted to the European Commission, which makes this layer available free-of-charge for any application internal to the European Commission. Its dissemination outside the European Commission shall be subject to negotiation with EuroGeographics.