Western Coast of Jutland - Denmark

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Title Western Coast of Jutland
National level Denmark
Regional level Jutland


The western coast of Jutland belongs to the highly exposed North Sea coast and it is a shoreline of adjustment controlled by promontories, with embayments protected by offshore bars. Many small villages are located on the western coastal strip. Furthermore, the area has a considerable recreational and environmental function. The risk is considered to be high.

Since 1982, engineering solutions have changed from a hard to a soft approach, like beach nourishment. Detached breakwaters are still used, though, with the aim of reducing the nourishment volume needed. Erosion control, with a combination of nourishment and low detached breakwaters, has reduced the retreat rate to an average of zero for the depth range from -6m to +4m. The policy of only nourishing this part of the profile has resulted in a steepening. The beach nourishment stabilizes the beach, but it must be pointed out that shoreface nourishment is a better option for stabilization. The level of safety against flooding has been raised to a return period of more than 100 years by building new dunes and by protecting the foot of the dunes with a revetment.

Another additional positive socio-economic effect is that the beaches have been recovered and can be used for recreational purposes again.


Coastal characteristics
  • Study area: regional scale
  • Type of coast: sandy beaches
  • Tidal regime: micro tidal (0,3-0,8 m)
  • Range of waves : mean Hsig = > 2m and T = 6 s ; Hmax= 6m and T= 10 s. storms : highly exposed
Policy options Hold the line, do nothing, managed realignment and limited intervention
Socio-economic activities Urbanisation, agriculture, tourism and recreation, nature reservation, fisheries and aquaculture.
Engineering techniques Historic: Groins, breakwaters, revetments, reinforcement present dunes, nourishments.
Present: (Detached) breakwaters, nourishments, revetment.


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