Western Coast of Poland - Poland

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Title Western Coast of Poland
National level Poland
Regional level Westpomeranian.Voivodship
Local level Communities of Swinoujscie, Miedzyzdroje, Kamien Pomorski, Dziwnow, Rewal


The West Polish Coast is 45km long and includes cliffs and beaches. Natural coastal erosion and location of some towns too close to the sea caused necessity of coast protection by using heavy seawalls. The results are the loss of beach on the front of the Niechorze seawall and narrowing or periodic disappearing of the beach in two other cases (Rewal-Sliwin and Dziwnow), with increasing of coastal erosion in the neighborhood of the protection structures. So far, there are no negative economic results, but they are expected in the future.

ICZM in Poland do not exist and all coastal management is centralized in marine governmental administration. The Maritime Office work out the annual coastal protection plans and prefer to repair the damaged structures and protect residential buildings. However proposed monitoring system caused lot of objections because it does not assure exact diagnose of coastal processes include both spatial and time considerations. Generally there is lack of the remote sensing (air photographs and satellite images) there.

Data bases and the other information are dispersing and there is no information about them (about their kind and localization). There is no information about coastal zone written in simple, understandable language.


Coastal characteristics
  • Study area: 45 km; Sedimentary cell: open
  • Type of coast: sandy beaches and dunes
  • Tidal regime: microtidal
  • Range of waves : H max 6 m
Policy options Do nothing, hold the line
Socio-economic activities Fisheries, tourism, and marine transports.
Engineering techniques Seawalls, Groynes, nourishment, revegetation


Name Kazimierz Furmanczyk
Institution University of Szczecin
Institute of Marine Science
Address Felczaka 3A str
71-412 Szczecin
Telephone / fax +48 91 444 1600 / +48 91 444 1600
Email kaz@sus.univ.szczecin.pl